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What is Belintersat

The new satellite operator of the Republic of Belarus is established by the government for the purpose of creating a modern satellite communication and broadcasting infrastructure throughout the country and abroad. Belarussian geostationary satellite BELINTERSAT-1 goes live at the orbital position 51.5 degrees east. After a three-month period of in-orbit testing, BELINTERSAT-1 will begin providing telecommunications services in C- and Ku-bands.    

The satellite is designed for a 15-year lifespan with 20 C-band and 18 Ku-band transponders, of which four of the Ku-band transponders are 54MHz instead of 36MHz. Now Belintersat is preparing to provide advanced satellite telecommunications services for Belarus and international markets.

The strategy of the new project includes the creation and support of the world telecom and broadband markets based on modern communication technologies that will enable all the customers to reach a much higher level of communication opportunities throughout the territory of Europe, Africa and Asia. The development of the project aims at the international market entry, among the other leading broadcasters, followed by active commercialization of the satellite capacity, as well as TV content and internet TV services.

While the Republic of Belarus has invested heavily in Belintersat, it created the project to function as a commercial entity. The project gained direct state support because of the highly evident commercial applications and export potential it had. The company is protected by the state and provided with government guarantees.  

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